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5 Powerful Weight Loss Tips

One of the most effective ways to shed pounds is to lose weight by running. Running is also a very efficient ways to lose weight and keep it off. One of the biggest challenges for those trying to lose weight and get in shape is adopting a successful long-term plan. Most people that a start running program, stay running because they enjoy it. We all want to get in better shape, but sometimes maintaining that shape is the real challenge. To understand how we lose weight by running, we need to first understand the science of weight gain and weight loss:


* We need to burn 3,500 calories more than we eat for each pound of fat that we want to lose.
* Everyone has a unique metabolic rate based on their age, weight & sex (See BMR Calculator). This is the amount of calories we burn every day.
* Restricting calories too much will cause our bodies to reduce their metabolism, therefore our bodies will actually burn less calories when we’re starving.
* Exercise raises our metabolism through increased heart rate and the production of additional muscle mass (pound-for-pound, muscle burns more calories than fat).
* Running or walking just one mile will burn approximately 100 calories.

So if our goal is to lose weight and keep it off, we need to adopt and continue good habits that we can maintain for the long-haul. Losing weight by overly-restrictive diets will usually not bring long-term success because of their short-term nature. What does that mean (you ask)? Well...how long do you foresee drinking only 3 chocolate shakes a day? How long will you stay motivated to workout 7 days a week with zero indulgences...these habits can’t last forever! The fact is that most diets fail because we want to reach our goal quickly and be done with the self-torture. After we reach our goal, we celebrate and slowly slide back into the old unhealthy habits that we know and love. Little by little, we need to adopt habits that are enjoyable and become a part of our daily routine. We need to change. Running is a great hobby and can be a wonderful life-long habit. And while our goal is to lose weight by running, the weight loss is really just one of the beneficial side affects (See the Benefits of Running page for more).

So…what do you have to lose?

Fat. If you’re just starting out, a one-mile jog or brisk walk can take 10-15 minutes. If you look at the 10-week beginner running plan, you’ll be running almost 10 miles a week by the end of that plan. Running 10 miles per week is equivalent to over a pound of fat loss per month or 15 pounds a year...just by running 3 days a week! Give up a snack or two during the day, and you’ll add much more weight loss to the equation.

The successful fitness plan is a series of habit changes that takes time and dedication to adopt...there are no quick & easy solutions. There are so many diets, exercise plans, philosophies, and gimmicks out there that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices. We all want a quick solution, but I don’t think that a high-price gym membership of expensive diet package will get you to where you want to be. Weight reduction should be a long-term goal and to lose weight by running is a great long-term solution.

So…why chose running?

Running is a very flexible form of exercise. The time constraints in my life can be hard to schedule around, so my hobbies have to be flexible. I can run almost anywhere at anytime. With only a pair of running sneakers and workout clothes, I can run in the morning, at night, on business trips, at lunchtime, wherever and whenever my schedule allows. While I also enjoy some of the cardio equipment in the gym from time to time, getting to a gym isn’t as convenient as stepping out my front door and going for a jog. While running doesn’t have to be your only means for burning calories, it’s a great addition to any plan and it’s a potential life hobby.

If you decide that running isn’t for you, be sure to develop a plan that fits your schedule and your liking. If you prefer being inside instead of outside, running may not be an enjoyable hobby for you. Try walking, going to the gym, an aerobics or martial arts class, etc... Whatever your pleasure is, pick something that you can start and maintain – an activity that can fit in your schedule and will be something you can enjoy and look forward to for years to come. Also be sure that it helps meet your goals. For example, it’s much easier and quicker to lose weight by running than it is to lose weight by leisurely bike riding.

And the real reason you’ll lose weight by running...

It’s addictive! The body’s natural chemical release of endorphins (a.k.a. “Runners High”) will keep you coming back for more. It may even lead you to set new goals and enter longer races just for the personal challenge. If you start and stay running for long enough, you’ll likely be hooked. The feeling of accomplishment, the positive energy of the running community, and your slimmer and toner figure, may just convert this great weight lose tool into a life-long hobby. To lose weight by running is really just a positive side affect. Adopting running as a long-term hobby will change your life and help create a healthier and happier you.

Still interested? Here’s what you should do:

* See how many calories you need to burn to meet your goal (Remember: 1-pound = 3,500 calories).
* Develop a fitness plan and allow ample time to meet your goal
* Set milestones, short-term goals and some rewards to entice you along the way.
* Get out there and start running!!

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I Recently Stopped Smoking. Why Does My Throat Hurt?

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Question: I have quit smoking for a while before and the same thing has happened. After a week or so of not smoking or smoking less I get a really bad sore throat. Why is this? And what can I do to help it?

Congrats on stopping smoking! I quit on Chantix, myself, this year! You have cilia in your lungs – and the tonsils act as filters. These little “hairs” are starting to free up from the lack of nicotine that adhered to it – you might even be coughing more than usual or more than before— hang in there – it WILL all pass. Somebody else is sure to answer too, with a way better explanation than I am trying to give! Congrats again!

well the person before gave a better answer than i will, but i agree.
Your thought is also clenching cause it wants that chemical you have been giving your body. Notice it moreso in the throat i spose cause it is used a lot in smoking and talking.
Sadly i am still smoking, i turn into a banshee when i quit. When i did quit, only the once, along with incredible mood swings that near got me fired i had the throat ache, like i had a tie on too tight. I found sucking throaties/butter menthols/any nice soft dissolvable lolly really helpful.
If your in Aust or know the brands – Diflam/Betidine they are anti-inflamitory gargles and lollies, best to see the pharmacy.
And good luck : )

... Feel Free to comment and give your advice to people out there:

thank you....

Healthy Eating Habits

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Delicious foods are mostly found in any fancy restaurants around the corner. But do we actually know how healthy and nutritious these foods are? People do not really think if the contents of each food that are served to them.

However, there are those who rally prefer meat or poultry and do not eat any fruits and vegetables. These people who like to eat foods rich in fats, oils, and sweets tend to becoming obese. Nonetheless, they should be encouraged to add foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals in their meals. Milk, yogurt and cheese may also be taken in each meal for added calcium in the diet. Adequate calcium intake should be maintained for healthier bone structure.

Intake of salt should also be limited to only at most 6 grams. Too much salt and fat intake in the diet may lead to hypertension. Alcohol consumption should be limited to only less than 1 ounce of pure alcohol daily. Well-balanced diet should be taken generously.

Oral liquid intake is also one factor that completes a healthy diet. Fresh fruit juices and water are highly recommended for every meal. However, water is the most significant. Each person is expected to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Coffee and tea must be avoided and should be taken only in moderation. Others drink milk before they go to sleep. Carbonated drinks should also be lessened and should not be taken on a daily routine. It contains acid which could be harmful to the body and might cause stomach ache to you.

Do deodorants increase risk for breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and second most common overall. Although both men and women can be affected, it is 100 times more prevalent in women. Experts point to genetics, lifestyle, and environment as possible causes for breast cancer. It cannot be pointed to one specific reason, but you can consider the sum total of the various risks such as increase in age, cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, null parity, and family or personal history of cancer. In the recent past, another cause has been named which lead to public panic due to emails being circulated that deodorants or antiperspirants increase the risk for breast cancer.

Is this information true, then? Several studies have been made to prove or disprove such claim. First, let me state the grounds for this:
• Sweating is one way of releasing toxins from our body, though the percentage of toxins released through this is way smaller than that released through peeing or moving your bowels. With antiperspirants, there is a chemical suppression of sweating so it is believed that toxins are also kept. The build-up of toxins can increase risk of breast cancer. Although, this theory hasn’t been popularly supported by experts.
• The presence of parables, a substance present in both deodorants and antiperspirants. A study claimed that breast cancer is most likely to be diagnosed in women who use products with parabens. This chemical can be introduced into your body through nicks or cuts in the skin especially if you shave after applying the deodorant/antiperspirant. This has also been disputed because the study made is inconclusive.
• Aluminum level in the breast tissue especially in the upper, outer part of the breast has been found to be high in cases of breast cancer. Aluminum is a common ingredient in deodorants or antiperspirants. Among all the claims, this is the strong supporting evidence of the supposed increase in risk of breast cancer. However, no studies have been made to confirm this yet as there are claims that this is just a case of coincidence.

So, do deodorants/antiperspirants really increase the risk for breast cancer? The answer as of yet is that there’s no conclusive evidence supporting the link between the two. Earlier studies done in 2003 and 2004 show that there’s no substantial evidence to this. However, a more recent study claims that they may have a connection. The NCIS (National Cancer Institute) has announced that they’ll be supporting studies that will research more into this so the public can be well-informed. So, what do we do now? To be on the safe side, be careful in choosing your antiperspirants/deodorants. In the meantime, do not use those with parabens or aluminum and avoid shaving right after applying the product.