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Healthy Eating Habits

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Delicious foods are mostly found in any fancy restaurants around the corner. But do we actually know how healthy and nutritious these foods are? People do not really think if the contents of each food that are served to them.

However, there are those who rally prefer meat or poultry and do not eat any fruits and vegetables. These people who like to eat foods rich in fats, oils, and sweets tend to becoming obese. Nonetheless, they should be encouraged to add foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals in their meals. Milk, yogurt and cheese may also be taken in each meal for added calcium in the diet. Adequate calcium intake should be maintained for healthier bone structure.

Intake of salt should also be limited to only at most 6 grams. Too much salt and fat intake in the diet may lead to hypertension. Alcohol consumption should be limited to only less than 1 ounce of pure alcohol daily. Well-balanced diet should be taken generously.

Oral liquid intake is also one factor that completes a healthy diet. Fresh fruit juices and water are highly recommended for every meal. However, water is the most significant. Each person is expected to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Coffee and tea must be avoided and should be taken only in moderation. Others drink milk before they go to sleep. Carbonated drinks should also be lessened and should not be taken on a daily routine. It contains acid which could be harmful to the body and might cause stomach ache to you.


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