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I Recently Stopped Smoking. Why Does My Throat Hurt?

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Question: I have quit smoking for a while before and the same thing has happened. After a week or so of not smoking or smoking less I get a really bad sore throat. Why is this? And what can I do to help it?

Congrats on stopping smoking! I quit on Chantix, myself, this year! You have cilia in your lungs – and the tonsils act as filters. These little “hairs” are starting to free up from the lack of nicotine that adhered to it – you might even be coughing more than usual or more than before— hang in there – it WILL all pass. Somebody else is sure to answer too, with a way better explanation than I am trying to give! Congrats again!

well the person before gave a better answer than i will, but i agree.
Your thought is also clenching cause it wants that chemical you have been giving your body. Notice it moreso in the throat i spose cause it is used a lot in smoking and talking.
Sadly i am still smoking, i turn into a banshee when i quit. When i did quit, only the once, along with incredible mood swings that near got me fired i had the throat ache, like i had a tie on too tight. I found sucking throaties/butter menthols/any nice soft dissolvable lolly really helpful.
If your in Aust or know the brands – Diflam/Betidine they are anti-inflamitory gargles and lollies, best to see the pharmacy.
And good luck : )

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